FD1.6 coupled to a NEMA24 motor

Main characteristics


  • Dual H bridge, bipolar chopper, 40 kHz PWM
  • micro-step c\w configurable resolution (step/rev)
  • Motor current control with the load
  • Step accumulation to avoid motor stall
  • Absolute encoder over a single revolution (12 bits)
  • Step/dir and quadrature steps inputs
  • Start/stop, cycle/sequence selection
  • CANopen DSP402, Modbus RTU
  • Firmware and parameters programming over field-bus
  • Multi-turn position restore at power-on
  • Mounted on NEMA 23, 24 e 34 motors


FD1.5 belongs to Full Digital family drives, to be mounted on motor end-shield

Integrated stepper motor allows to simplify cabling and to easily exploit the benefits of absolute magnetic encoder: verify the correct execution of ordered steps, control the motor current with the load, avoid motor stall and other functions described on firmware manual.

FD1.5 is equipped with configurable I/O’s: 

  • 4 digital inputs that can be configured as step/direction, quadrature steps, homing sensors, limit switch, start/stop, cycle and sequence selection, enable/disable motor current, etc. 
  • 2 digital outputs that can be configured as alarm, drive ok, running, etc.

Modbus RTU protocol is available over RS-232 (from 4 800 to 115 200 bps) and RS-485 ( from 4 800 to 921 600 bps).

Suffix A identifies the model equipped with CAN transceiver (e.g. FD1.5A) to communicate with CANopen DSP402 protocol (from 10 kHz to 1 MHz).The drive is also available in “only board” version to be integrated in client customized enclosure (code FD1.5-5A, maximum output current 5 APk)

Ordering code, e.g. FD1.5B-1404+K1

Model Suffix Motor Cable
FD1.6 B 34HD1404-41 + K1
A: CANopen

B: Boxed

W: IP65 boxed

Latest available firmware version: