• FD1.1G
  • FD1.1G

Main characteristics


  • Dual H bridge, bipolar chopper, 40 kHz PWM
  • micro-step c\w configurable resolution (step/rev)
  • Motor current control with the load
  • Step accumulation to avoid motor stall
  • Absolute encoder over a single revolution (12 bits)
  • Auxiliary power supply for micro-processor, encoder and field buses
  • Step/dir and quadrature steps inputs
  • Start/stop, cycle/sequence selection
  • CANopen DSP402, Modbus RTU
  • Firmware and parameters programming over field-bus
  • Multi-turn position restore at power-on
  • Mounted on NEMA 17 motor


FD1.1G belongs to Full Digital family drives, to be mounted directly on motor end-shield

Integrated stepper motor allows to simplify cabling and to easily exploit the benefits of absolute magnetic encoder: verify the correct execution of ordered steps, control the motor current with the load, avoid motor stall and other functions described on firmware manual.

FD1.1G is equipped with 4 digital inputs, that can be configured as step/direction, quadrature steps, homing sensors, limit switch, start/stop, cycle and sequence selection, enable/disable motor current, etc. 

Modbus RTU protocol is available over RS-232 (from 4 800 to 115 200 bps) and RS-485 (from 4 800 to 921 600 bps).

Suffix A identifies the model equipped with CAN transceiver (e.g. FD1.1GA), in place of RS-485, to communicate with CANopen DSP402 protocol (from 10 kHz to 1 MHz).

FD1.1G and FD1.1GA are able to keep the logic supplied also in case of loss of main power supply. This allows to maintain encoder position counting and communication alive.

Ordering code, e.g. FD1.1GA-1720

Model Suffix Motor
FD1.1GA A Ametek

HS200 1720

A: CANopen

Latest firmware version: