About us

Auxind develops and produces stepper motor drivers since 1999.

This long-time experience in motion control, from the project of the drives to their direct application, allowed to develop products with high reliability, superior performances, user-friendly and cost effective.

The multiple fields of application of the stepper motor allowed Auxind to deal with typical problems of many industrial sectors.

The generic use in robotics and automation can be declined in several applications, including, but not limited to: packaging machines, pick and place, automatic sorting, automatic warehouses, peristaltic pumps, logistic sorters, labelling machines, food wrapper machines, format changeover, machines for printing, textiles, woodworking, etc. etc.

During the engineering phase of your project, Auxind provides the technical support to calculate the required motor torque and optimized motion trajectory, to select the correct power supply system and the best control strategies to adopt in order to achieve the maximum performances of your application. 

Our services

In addition to the traditional step and direction control method, Auxind offers drives with integrated motion control that can be interfaced to the master through digital and analogue I/O’s, Modbus RTU, CANbus and EtherCAT.

Auxind is highly flexible and it is able to provide custom hardware and firmware solutions. For example, in order to realize a distributed control system, particularly beneficial in modular systems, Auxind can implement into the driver itself the complete control of the equipment of the module, developing custom logics that can be executed at extremely low cycle times, simplifying the overall architecture and lowering cabling and PLC costs.

With proactive and dynamic attitude, we work hard to give our best in terms of quality, technology and service. The after-sales service is one of our key strengths, which distinguishes us from the competitors, both for the rapid response and for the commitment to solve the problems of the machine until objectives and performance are achieved.

A positive partnership approach, that considers the client’s success as a common goal, is the basis of Auxind philosophy.